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Table 1 Criteria and tests of clonality (after 10)

From: Genetic subdivisions within Trypanosoma cruzi(Discrete Typing Units) and their relevance for molecular epidemiology and experimental evolution

Criterion Description
Segregation (within locus)  
   a Fixed heterozygosity *
   b Absence of segregation genotypes *
   c Deviation from Hardy-Weinberg expectation
Recombination (beween loci)  
   d Overrepresented, identical genotypes widespread * (statistical tests d1 ** # and d2 ** §
   e Absence of recombinant genotypes ** §/P>
   f Linkage disequilibrium ** §/P>
   g Correlation between two independent sets of genetic markers ** §P
  1. * = used qualitatively, without statistical calculations; ** = used with statistical calculations. # Combinatorial analysis §Monte Carlo simulation with 104 iterations ¶Mantel nonparametric test of correlation between genetic distances obtained from different markers