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Table 3 Characteristics of species and genotypes within subgenus Nannomonas. See text for explanation

From: Species concepts for trypanosomes: from morphological to molecular definitions?

Species Genotype Distribution Host range Transmission – recorded high prevalence Growth in rodents Satellite DNA repeat size KDNA minicircle size Miniexon repeat size
Trypanosoma congolense savannah Tropical Africa Wide range of ungulates & other mammals morsitans, palpalis and fusca groups + 369 bp 850 bp 760 – 1500 bp
  forest West & Central Africa Pigs, goats. cattle, dogs, Other? palpalis group + ~350 bp 850 bp ~800 bp
  kilifi or Kenya coast East Africa Cattle, sheep, goats. Not pigs Other? morsitans group + 368 bp 700 bp ~600 bp
Trypanosoma simiae   Tropical Africa Suids Morsitans, palpalis and fusca groups - 521 bp 900 bp 630 bp
  tsavo East Africa Suids morsitans and fusca groups - ~540 bp - 508 bp
Trypanosoma godfreyi   Tropical Africa Suids morsitans and fusca groups - 373 bp 800, 750 bp ~500 bp