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Figure 2

From: What can we hope to gain for trypanosomiasis control from molecular studies on tsetse biology ?

Figure 2

Regulation of attacin, defensin and diptericin expression in fat body during the course of parasite establishment and the immuno-competence of parasite infected and infection cured flies. A: Northern analysis showing gene expression in fat body 3 and 6 days following a parasite infected bloodmeal (Lanes 1 and 2, respectively), and after 10 days when flies were scored as infected (+) or parasite infection cured (-) (Lanes 3 and 4, respectively). B: Gene expression in fat body from flies with (Lane 1) and without (Lane 3) gut parasite infections 20 days after receiving the infectious bloodmeal, and their immuno-competence after challenge (Lanes 2 and 4, respectively). +, parasite infected; -, parasite cured; N, naive; I, immune stimulated.

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