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Figure 1

From: What can we hope to gain for trypanosomiasis control from molecular studies on tsetse biology ?

Figure 1

Regulation of attacin, defensin and diptericin expression in fat body after feeding pathogens in the bloodmeal. Northern blots were hybridized to GmAttA (A), GmDefA (B) and GmDipA (C) cDNAs and results are also schematically presented. Fat body RNA was analyzed 8 and 24 h following bloodstream trypanosome feeding (Lanes 1 and 2, respectively), 8 and 24 h after procyclic trypanosome feeding (Lanes 3 and 4, respectively), 8 and 24 h after E. coli feeding (Lanes 5 and 6, respectively) and 8 and 24 h after a normal bloodmeal (Lane 7 and 8, respectively). This is a representative example of three replicate experiments.

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